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What is the Cardano ₳rk?

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

Cardano ₳rk is an affiliation of charity driven Cardano Stake Pools with similar beliefs and priorities.

What are the requirements to be and or operate as a Cardano ₳rk ₳ffiliate?

*50% Minimum of pool operator rewards are donated to the pools mission. *100% Transparency of donations.

₳rk ₳ffiliates Believe:

  • In the Cardano Foundation and their vision.

  • ​That we have a responsibility to our planet and those living on it.

  • We can make a difference.

  • That one of the most beautiful details about the system, proof of stake, its ability for delegators to donate without donating.

  • A perfect way to earn for your investment, while earning for charity.

  • Delegators have the choice which pool they want to earn extra rewards, without effecting their earnings.

  • All successful Cardano Stake Pools, will be earning extreme wealth.

  • People will make the right choice.

  • Choose to support pools willing to donate over pools earning for their own benefit.

  • A charity driven pool should be donating 50% of all ​pool rewards.

  • A charity driven pool should be 100% transparent and held accountable.

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