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Our Vision

Presently, Cardano is changing the way the world works and pioneering a better fairer future. A future we will leave to today's children.

My dev team and I are dedicated to a mission. We've invested in Cardano to create sustainable monetary support for children's causes across the world. As investors in the Cardano Blockchain it is our responsibility to practice and pass-on the core principles of this technology and strengthen decentralization. We believe today we can create a future where every kid has a fair chance. 

  • With Peter Pan Pool, it is our goal to give 50% of pool operator rewards to charity.

    • We believe this should be the goal of any mission driven charity pool.

    • We want to help reset the standard for charity stake pools on the Cardano chain. 

  • We set our eyes (and rewards) on supporting causes for vulnerable children.

If our mission interests you, delegate your ADA to [PETER] and let's make a difference together!


Peter Pan Pool is a Cardano rk ffiliate -- Adding our voice to a growing forum of SPO's redefining mission driven charity on Cardano.